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Thank you for tuning into Real Estate Radio LIVE the podcast series covering the world of Anything and Everything Real Estate™ hosted by Joe Cucchiara. With current market experience and honest, insightful perspectives  - the guidance they bring to the air waves is an un-matched consumer & professional resource. Real Estate Radio LIVE has completed over 1000 expert guest interviews to cover all aspects of home, finance and beyond. With Real Estate Radio LIVE is the only LIVE Bay Area real estate radio show and is ranked in the top 5 real estate podcasts in listenership and popularity, the mission has been widely received and continues to grow.

Jul 12, 2022

Covid and the lockdown did very little in the way of shutting down technology. In fact, it did quite the opposite. The pace at which professionals have come to use technology was forcibly accelerated – unless you work in real estate or lending. Two years have gone by and there has been virtually no progress in...