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Thank you for tuning into Real Estate Radio LIVE the podcast series covering the world of Anything and Everything Real Estate™ hosted by Joe Cucchiara. With current market experience and honest, insightful perspectives  - the guidance they bring to the air waves is an un-matched consumer & professional resource. Real Estate Radio LIVE has completed over 1000 expert guest interviews to cover all aspects of home, finance and beyond. With Real Estate Radio LIVE is the only LIVE Bay Area real estate radio show and is ranked in the top 5 real estate podcasts in listenership and popularity, the mission has been widely received and continues to grow.

Sep 30, 2015

Joe Cucchiara chats with the CEO of Real Wealth Network, Kathy Fettke. They discuss a slew of real estate topics like market cycles and timing them. Other topics include:

  • Is the US in another housing bubble?
  • Their predictions on whether or not home prices will be affected by rising real estate rates.
  • Is it possible for...

Sep 29, 2015

We all love living in the Bay Area, but high cost homes and fast paced lifestyles can become tiresome quickly. That’s why Joe invites Coldwell Banker agents John Matlock and Kathie Christie over to discuss country homes and who should consider them. Nobody wants to add minutes to their commute, but Kathie and John...

Sep 26, 2015

Bobbi and Buddy take the helm today and talk about recently missed opportunities for buyers.

What is TRID (Tila-Respa Integrated Disclosure)? Will it impact the home buying process positively when it takes place October 3rd?

Does your agent really give you all the help you need between getting ready to sell to...

Sep 26, 2015

Tim Denner from Taps Termites is back in studio with Mike D’Ambrosio. They discuss all matters of keeping your home structurally safe such as:

  • Things you can do to deter dry rot, termites and other structural pests.
  • What goes into a home inspection and how should you prepare for one?
  • Pros and cons of orange oil...

Sep 24, 2015

Never heard of real estate crowd funding? Neither have most people. That’s why Joe invited the CEO of Realty Mogul, Jilliene Helman over to explain what it is, how it works and how it is different from REITs. Joe finds out how automating data is shaping the future of online investing. Jilliene shares future plans for...